translated from Spanish: Pamela David: «I would not of the Argentina except that replace Cristina President»

1.  Macri baffles me a lot «for me still does not fall into the reality. «I wish him the best, I want to see good times and hopefully so is, but time passes and not only is it not but that everything gets worse».

2. still not fall in reality «I do not think that they have bad intentions, but I think that they do not see that this is Argentina, it gives me that feeling».

3 I do not think that a Government of the rich «that definition serves only to Kirchner. It should be much more complex. They think in macro and not the citizen of a foot. «Neighborhood, missing people, lacks walk».

4 Vidal and Stanley generated me such confidence «I think that hurts them the pain of others. That happens to me with them, I make that differentiation».

5. do not I would go from the Argentina «does return Cristina to the Presidency? I’m leaving. But it does not return. I think we have a limit. We want, ultimately, Argentines. CFK is not the culprit of all the evils, but of many. It has a capacity of enormous leadership than if had used it for good. Hurts the people who loves her so much and keeps it both does not realize. They were many years and indoctrination. Beat to which thought different from all sides».

Original source in Spanish

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