translated from Spanish: Pampita retaliated by Lourdes Sánchez?

pampita was again as jury invited in the Tuesday night since Florencia Peña stood to dance salsa with the pair of Lourdes Sánchez and Diego Ramos.

Photo: Instagram @lourdesanchezok coinciding to the previous performance, aquadance, had also been evaluated by the model. And that’s when the conflict broke out by putting the score, Pampita told Lourdes that it had seemed to her dad when it comes to falling for a trick bag. Offended, the El Chato Padra woman defended himself in the program where she is every morning panelist, and called the jury acting as bag of horns. «On this occasion, Pampita used his power to score very low on the trio in retaliation for what the dancer had said.» This is not only a dance, because of Lourdes contest I’ll put this score and going to depends on it that follow it being or not in the future. I hope that it does not sink to his team, his companion and the dream representing now in more, and the next take much more care in the words,»launched at the time of dial a zero on the screen under your Chair.

Dancing 2018 Pampita zero score Lourdes Sánchez

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