translated from Spanish: Protesting taxi drivers in Metro Tacubaya

city of Mexico.-a group of taxi drivers held a protest in the vicinity of the Metro Tacubaya, Miguel Hidalgo, for reporting police abuses and demand the authorities to allow them to work in the area.

According to the protesters, transit the area Vial 5 elements require quotas so that they can establish their base on the Avenida Carlos Lazo.

Photo: Reform otherwise impose les infractions and dragged their vehicles to the pound.
What happens is that we are already tired of that police extort us. Every day we have to give 150 dollars per car to let us chambear “but do not enter it, then put us two or three violations for failures that we have not and our taxis are”, said one of those affected. The demonstration broke out, once this morning one of the units was fined and secured by elements of Transito.en, the uniformed ensured that such measures are carried out, because drivers are double or even triple row and hamper the vehicular traffic in the area. After an hour, taxi drivers retreated toward a Bank of Avenida Carlos Lazo to dialogue with the police of the capital controls. Although there was some friction and some 50 soldiers were deployed, finally agreed that they could do based on neatly in a single row and the soldiers withdrew from the place. In this note: taxi drivers protest Metro Tacubaya Mexico City

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