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a daily complication is to think about what to wear to work or school for lunch and that is mostly healthy, easy to transport and quick to prepare. A fabulous idea is to make salads in vials which remain empty and unusable when we finish some candy, pickles or olives. how? Look! Only you should choose the ingredients that you like and you want to be protagonists of that exquisite salad very well. Once elected they are cut into small pieces and added layers inside the jar.

It is not only a wonderful idea which is super colorful but it is also very practical because you don’t run the risk of you tipping in your backpack or purse as usual whenever you open the tupper. That Yes! Attempts to close it firmly. Take advantage and let the imagination with the combinations, so the result will be much better, more healthy and saboreable. You can even prepare two jars, one with food and one with dessert, why not do a rich fruit salad?

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