translated from Spanish: The thrill of Will Smith after revealing the first image of the live action of «Aladdin»

first were short stories, anecdotes, and folk tales. Then, were transformed into films more views by dozens of large and children around the world. Now, the industry releases their traditional stories in live action.» Alicia en el país de las maravillas «,»Evil»,»The jungle book»,»Cinderella»,»Beauty and the beast», were some of that already counted with their realistic version. This year will be: «Christopher Robin» and «The Nutcracker».

However, this is not all. Who will arrive soon are: «Dumbo», «Maleficent 2» and «Mulán» but there is one that we do not yet named and is nothing less than «Aladdin».

The story of the young man who stole to survive and that was moving through the streets of Agrabah (India) will come to the big screen world. At this premiere, Disney unveiled the first image of the film.

One of the main issues that kept alert to the fans was as follows: know who will play the genie. Remember, in the version animated 1992, who lent his voice to impersonate as was Robin Williams.Para surprise of many will be Will Smith («in search of happiness» and «I am Legend»). After meeting the official poster, expressed his excitement through your social networks: «I can’t wait to all to see me blue!», said.

Will Smith will be the genius | Instagram @willsmith though still few details that are known, but it is now confirmed that in may 2019 will be preparing the shopaholics to a mega international premiere. 

Live action Disney Genie Aladdin

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