translated from Spanish: United commissions of Justice and interior of the Congress of Michoacán, approve call to Attorney General

Morelia, Michoacan.-Las United commissions of Justice and interior of the Congress from Michoacán, endorsed the call for the Prosecutor General; tomorrow will be voted in plenary.
Through an official statement, the Congress of Michoacan reported that 90 days will be which will be published the call with the necessary requirements to be met by applicants to the post of Attorney General, and whoever is elected will occupy the charge for a period of nine years.
Deputies Antonio Salas Valencia, President of the Commission of Justice, Araceli Saucedo, Adriana Hernández, Fermín Barnabas and Ernesto Núñez, members of the same, as well as the deputies Sergio Báez Torres, David Cortes and Adrián López, President and members, respectively, of the Committee on governance, they discussed the opinion whereby such a call is issued. According to the text, they emphasized the importance of building the legal system so that the new unit will become an autonomous constitutional body.
If approved the call, must be posted for a period of ninety days on the website of the local Congress, once exhausted, to be published in the newspaper of the Government constitutional official, ended the run of publication on the official website, applicants will have five working days immediate for the application for registration and the documents established in the call for proposals.
Following bulletin, among the requirements is: be a Mexican citizen; have when least 35 years of age; having residence in the State of Michoacán at least for three years, the day of their appointment; have ten years ago in the exercise and professional title of Licentiate in law.
In addition, the interested parties must submit their curriculum vitae; letter under protest to tell the truth, in which States that it is not subject to liability procedure, suspended, or private in the exercise of their civil or political rights.
According to the statement, commissions United in mention, called to appear to the applicants to expose its work and project experience in the field of law enforcement, to consecutively propose a list with ten applicants that meet the requirements, and put it to the vote of the plenary, and accepted once sent to the holder of the Executive power of the State, who will select a slate of three which will direct assessment of the plenary.

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