translated from Spanish: Added 26 dead, among them four children by overflow of river

Kampala, 11 oct (EFE).-at least 25 people, including four children, died today in Bududa, Eastern Uganda, after the overflow of a river could provoke a collapse of Earth, reported e l Department of Socorro, preparation and management of disasters of this African country.» They rolled boulders along Bududa, Bukalasi sub-district, killing several people. They have recovered 25 bodies, including four children, and many more people are still missing,»confirmed the person in charge of this unit, Martin Owor.
According to Owor, an unknown number of people are injured and many others have had to be displaced from their homes. The incident occurred after heavy rains of recent weeks will cause the overflow of the Suume River, whose current caused a landslide on a mountain next.» «The situation is tense, people are scared and fleeing their homes for safety», today on Twitter the Ugandan Red Cross spokeswoman, said Irene Nakasiita, on the way to the scene, of difficult access after heavy rains.
According to Nakasiita, some basic products such as food, blankets and tents will not come until morning to assist the survivors. EFEEn this note: Uganda deaths by floods overflowing of river

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