translated from Spanish: «Batwoman»: what lead to television for the first time to a lesbian superheroine represent?

is called «Batwoman», and belongs to the world of DC comics. His character was born in 1956, but only in 2018 your history will be on television: it will be the first lesbian superheroine, and appear on the Arrowverso of The CW in December. The idea of producers is to be in the future an own series, only if this bid is successful. What is certain is that the poster is unveiled and revolutionized the entire world. Ruby Rose, a lesbian actress, will be responsible for interpreting the character. In order to understand more than what this change in the world of superheroes, Ridge spoke with Maria Rachid, one of the members of the Secretariat of culture – Federation Argentina LGBT.
Change of paradigm what does it mean to be on television for the first time a lesbian superheroine? «Societies are advancing and demand somehow look reflected the reality that surrounds them,» said Rachid.No’s accident that takes place in this year, in this context. Explained, the advancement of rights and equality is closely related to the LGBT community.
«The majority are men, white, heterosexual», commented «when Hollywood reflected this change is because there has been a change in society. Also contributes to this transformation deepens», continued. «In addition, can be the beginning of a big change:»It’s good that they begin to break these ideals that do not reflect the diversity that exist in society, it would be good that more characters with disabilities, African descent look».» «The world of the film expresses a hegemonic be person in general, ideal and are the superheroes as something close to perfection that, by that most are men, white, heterosexual», was completed.

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