translated from Spanish: Bloomberg: 5 issues that everyone will be talking about this Thursday

then some things of that markets are going to be talking about today.
Actions in low a settlement that caused the greatest slump of U.S. actions since February on Wednesday spread across the planet. Last night, the MSCI Asia Pacific index fell 3.4 percent and the Shanghai composite index, the benchmark for China, slumped 5.2 percent; more than 1,000 shares reached your daily limit of recoil. Only action in the Nikkei 225 Stock Average in Japan did not end in baja and the Topix index closed with a decline of 3.5 percent. In Europe, the Stoxx 600 index already fell 1.7 percent at 5:45, New York time, and touched the lowest level in 21 months. The S & P 500 futures indicated more liquidations for the opening of the market in the United States.
Why now?
This settlement seems to have several parents. Some are the constant trade war between the U.S. and China, shrinkage of margins and profits of us corporations and the end of the flexible central banks policies. The President of USA, Donald Trump, seems to prefer this last explanation. He said yesterday that the Federal Reserve had «gone mad» and that guilt had excessively tight monetary policy, not confrontation with China.
How do you follow?
The Secretary of the Treasury of the USA, Steven Mnuchin, told Bloomberg News in an interview from the annual meeting of the IMF in Bali, Indonesia, that «the fundamentals of the US economy are still extremely strong». To assess if this movement of the market constitutes a correction or something bigger, always worthwhile to analyze the demand for shelters, and so far is very low. It barely went gold and there were no large flows to US Treasury bonds or the yen. Davide Serra, the founder of Algebris Investments, said that the global financial actions are an asset that could register an above-average performance.
Obstacles to the brexit still having hopes that will reach an agreement for the separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union from the week coming, although some officials warn that we must still overcome obstacles. The Chief of the negotiators from the European Union, Michel Barnier, said that a deal is «within reach of the hand» insofar as it seems to come to an end negotiations on the thorny issue of the border with Northern Ireland. Sterling trades at more than US$ 1,3200 this morning in a climate of optimism.
At 8:30 leave data on inflation in the United States during September. It is anticipated that the underlying has risen to 2.3 percent and that the general has returned to 2.4 percent. Also at 8:30 is publishing weekly data on requests for subsidy by unemployment. At 11 am, get the report on oil supplies of the administration of information about energy of the USA (EIA, for its acronym in English), which could show such stocks presented its highest growth since February, 2017, which would increase the pressure to sell crude. The US Treasury. it hence the appetite of the market in the long run around noon with a sale of $15,000 million in bonds due in 30 years.

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