translated from Spanish: Francisco returned to reject the abortion: «Is like hiring a hit man»

controversial, father Francisco returned to explain his refusal to abortion. He compared the interruption of pregnancy with the contract «a Hitman to solve a problem», during his catechesis at the general audience held in St. Peter’s square.
Reflecting on «No killing», the fifth commandment, the Pope condemned the «Suppression of the human life in the womb in the name of safeguarding other rights» «but how can be therapeutic, civil or simply an Act abolishing the innocent life human e?» do helpless in your home? «, asked.» And he added: is it fair to take a human life to solve a problem? Do you think what? Is it just? Is it fair to pay a hit man to solve a problem? You can not, it is not fair». 
«Is it fair to hire a hit man to solve a problem? No, you cannot»Francisco said that» parents, in these dramatic cases, need a true closeness, of true solidarity, to face reality and overcoming the understandable fears and that, however, they receive are quick tips for » terminating the pregnancy».» A sick child, as anyone needy and vulnerable, rather than a problem is a gift from God, that we can get out of our selfishness and make us grow in love», said. And he returned to talk about the «contempt for life». He said that «all the evil in the world, from wars to the culture of the disposal, could be summarized as a disregard for life» and that all violence and damage against life «come from fear».

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