translated from Spanish: Increase to six dead after Hurricane Michael us

the number of deaths caused by the passage of Hurricane Michael by southeastern United States increased to at least six, after authorities inform Asen Thursday of the death of four others, three of them in Florida, where the cyclone made landfall on Wednesday with category 4 strength.
The office of the Sheriff of Gadsden County, in northwestern Florida, reported that four people were killed as a result of the cyclone, which has also caused serious material damage.
Among them is the man who died after falling a tree on the roof of his house in the city of Greensboro, Northwest of Tallahasse, capital of Florida, death of which already had been informed the press on Wednesday.
The Sheriff’s office does not explained the identity of the man or the other three fatalities.
These deaths are added to a girl of 11 years in Georgia, who was beaten by a metallic structure that went through the roof of his house, and a driver that a tree fell on Thursday on a highway in North Carolina , according to authorities in the region.
Michael, advancing now as a tropical storm about 25 miles (40 km) South of Greensboro (North Carolina), caused heavy flooding and destruction of homes in a wide coastal area of Northwestern Florida.
The system currently has maximum sustained winds of 50 miles per hour (85 km/h) and is targeting the northeast to 23 miles per hour (37 mph), according to the latest bulletin of the National Center of hurricanes (NHC).
The NHC, with headquarters in Miami, said that continuous Michael causing flooding in areas of North Carolina and Virginia.

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