translated from Spanish: Paulina Goto reveals why he distanced himself from Horacio Pancheri

a few weeks ago it was said that the actress Paulina Goto and Horacio Pancheri, had ended so media asked the young woman if really as not was to the Argentine, to which she is reh He used to answer.
Now the Mexican decided to slightly open his heart and revealed the cause why your relationship has been affected by what all the blame were social networks the moment was captured in video to the program today.
«As I said before we opened the door so made, we made it public we assume this responsibility, so comment for better and for worse, and the truth received very nice things, are very grateful to all the people with interest also» you press, this well for supporting us in our careers as a couple, as no couple, whatever whatever».
Although not stated if it ended with the actor it evaded the question from the reporter, saying that it will not talk topic because it is something that already agreed with him.

«Is precisely what told them that I already took is decision to not talk about this I think it’s worth we realized account which is something that doesn’t make us well…» said the programme today.
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