translated from Spanish: Puppy tries to wake up to his companion that was hit (Video)

photograph / underground world-images moving are the moment that a stray dog frantically tries to revive his friend who was hit. Tragically, the dog not has realized that he’s gone and desperately scratched the Brown Mutt.
He gently pushes her head and tries to lift his leg with the snout. The dog spent several minutes trying to wake the dead female before giving up and slipping along the pavement. The viewer Jay Villanueva was driving home when he parked to film the tragic scene, who said «you broke my heart».

The man who recorded the video wrote next to its publication «drivers must be careful not to damage anyone on the road, even the dogs. ‘» They don’t understand the right of way, they do not understand the rules of traffic as «stop, look and listen».
«Some people will say» oh, it is only a dog «, but watch the video.» They are like family, as best friends. Life is also very important for them». After filming, Jay said it walked down the road and moved the dog died toward the bushes. He added: «I felt very sorry for the two dogs, the male was upset. It clearly had feelings.
Source: Metro

Original source in Spanish

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