translated from Spanish: Selena Gómez interned in mental health crisis

Selena Gomez Center is located in a mental health center to receive treatment for emotional crisis which suffered the last time she was hospitalized, reported TMZ.

twice in the past two weeks, the 26-year-old singer had to be transferred to a clinic.

the first occurred when Gomez was at his home in Studio City, Calif., and had a health problem because of the low level of white blood cells for transplantation of kidney, performed last year. After more released days later, had to re-enter because the problem persisted, and led to an emotional crisis.

while she was hospitalized, the interpreter of «Bad Liar» asked to leave, but the doctors denied it was, so he had an attack of hysteria and tried to start the intravenous route. The artist is currently in a psychiatric Center on the East Coast, receiving behavioral therapy dialectical, dealing with various mental health disorders.

your instagram the also actress shared, on 23 September, a message referring to a break from social networks would be taken.

Kindness and encouragement just for a moment! Just remember, the negative comments may offend the feelings of anyone. Öbvi, wrote.
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