translated from Spanish: “The demon of Ecatepec”, the macabre story of a femicida serial

case has caused commotion in Mexico where the State Prosecutor’s Office confirmed the grisly find of human remains in buckets of water and plastic bags in a refrigerator in a House of the munic ipio of Ecatepec.Juan Carlos N. and Patricia N., so identified by the researchers, were arrested last Friday, accused of at least ten femicides, when they walked with a baby car with the body of a woman who allegedly wanted to leave in a vacant area.
In the networks they have qualified to Juan Carlos N. as “The demon of Ecatepec” and called for a demonstration to seek justice with the slogan of “a cry for help by women. They are killing us”.

What horrified Mexicans is the confession of both the authorities on the way in which the crimes were committed. And for this reason they have been qualified as “serial femicidas” by the Attorney general of the State of Mexico, Alejandro Jaime Gómez Sánchez.” Quite naturally, it concerns us ten cases with precise individual signs. Give us names of their victims, gives us clothes that had at that time,”reported Gomez Sanchez on the confession of Juan Carlos N.
Wiretaps revealed that they had contact with three missing women, the Prosecutor said that, according to their testimonies, this serial killer could have committed at least 20 femicides and added that they suspect that you have a “mental disorder of” personality that could suggest that you exaggerate their cases”.
In the opinion of the Prosecutor, the man shows joy when he recounts the events. He said he killed them for”beautiful” the Prosecutor’s Office confirmed that in the last hours it was recovered one drink of two months that this couple sold after killing the mother.

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