translated from Spanish: They say three lions living on a rooftop in Iztacalco

three lions were secured Wednesday from the roof of a house in the colony Viaducto Piedad, in Mayor of Iztacalco.
The Attorney Federal protection to the environment (PROFEPA) announced that during the inspection of the home they found a copy of White Lion (Panthera leo), two copies of lion (p. leo), two hybrid macaws and gold and blue Macaw (Ara ararauna).

Ensures @PROFEPA_Mx three lions and three macaws at home in Mexico City – PROFEPA (@PROFEPA_Mx) October 11, 2018 interviewed by news point, Televisa, owner Omar Rodríguez, pointed out that he acquired legally animals by about 60 thousand dollars and that they come from a kennel, so have roles and a chip.
“They are not expensive, importantly, care for them and love them,” he said.
Although the owner of the animals presented documentation that is protects the legal origin, however did not authorized Management Plan, or their corresponding registration with the Secretariat of environment and natural resources (SEMARNAT), so were insured.

3 lions and a dog live in the Col Viaducto Piedad in Iztacalco roof! ??? * Sr Omar Rodriguez sure have all the necessary permissions. Users of social networks reported the presence of cats in Zamacoise Street Niceto almost viaduct! ???? – Jerrx Galicia (@JerrxG13) October 11, 2018 evidenced the lack of the management plan “that do not have the conditions of stay, food, shelter, containment and safety for civil society, as establishes it the” Article 78, 78A and 122 fractions VI and X of the General Law of life (LGVS) Wildlife “, said the Profepa in a statement.
The animals were insured in a precautionary manner and moved Thursday morning to a unit specialized in the management of wild species to ensure their attention and care.
To avoid risks to the integrity of the felines, management must be in full fast.

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