translated from Spanish: What is the «emotional crisis», the picture of depression suffered by Selena Gómez?

Selena Gómez must have been interned for urgency in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The news was communicated by the TMZ site, and immediately alerted his followers. The young woman suffered an attack of nerves and depression, after an alarmingly low level of white blood cells in blood. That is why he fell into a «negative emotional spiral».

To understand more details of the issue, cutting edge News spoke with BA Analía Mitar, Director of Family Hold, first therapeutic system in the home.
But what about the emotional crisis?

Concern about his State of health | Photo: Instagram @selenagomez «‘Negative emotional spiral’ is a fairly new concept. When a person is in a situation of emotional vulnerability, i.e. that has lived many situations shocking for the psychic apparatus, it puts it in a State of anxiety, insecurity, fear»; the box that the young woman suffered thus defined Mitar. Thus «enters into a deep crisis of depression, desperation, depends on the level of fear, of anxiety, of the reason why the person enters this spiral, which can be mild to profound, situations where you need apart from a psychological treatment, medication», explained. Therefore, the professional said that we should «work the emotions of different events that marked the life of that person and who exploit or that not enough the mechanisms of defence to be quiet or that it can solve, but emotions exceeds it in their coat» speed of reaction».

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