translated from Spanish: Zamora, Michoacan, man is killed from a bullet in the head

home security in Zamora, Michoacán, man is killed from a bullet in the head Zamora, Michoacan.-a man who remains unknown as murdered d and shot in the head outside a winery located on the side of the road Zamora – La Piedad. The case is already investigated by the authorities of the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Justice.
The killing was reported this morning Thursday, at the height of kilometer 2 + 300 the road section La Rinconada – El Sauz, off the premises of the company “Tenicon” to the site in question arrived elements of the Municipal police who confirmed that pulled on the floor, lifeless, it was a man, which had an impact of bullet in the skull.

The area was protected in accordance with the chain of custody and later experts specialized unit at the scene of the crime, was commissioned to undertake the respective actions.
The deceased was not identified, was wearing a denim trousers Navy Blue, a black long-sleeved t-shirt, boots tactics and a pouch of black.
The remains were uploaded to a forensic use ambulance and sent to the morgue in the region where is expected their relatives to claim them.

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