translated from Spanish: Cathy Barriga defended multi-million-dollar donation of auto via lobby: “I’m tired of the slander”

Cathy Barriga responded harshly then that a second publication appropriate multiple donations received via lobby, the qu (e) include cars, a night in a hotel and thousands of concert tickets. The evening aimed to draw on a Kia Rio 4 of more than $7 million, which was received through the law as a present of Pompey Carrasco Distribuidora Automotriz S.A. to be delivered to residents by activity ‘dad you’re my champion’. That vehicle was raffled on July 20 in the middle of Maipu.expertos square in probity pointed out that a car is not within what the lobby law indicated as “courtesy”, claiming that “request, made promising or accepting, by reason of the position or function, for himself or for” third parties, donations, benefits, or privileges of any kind (…) contravene especially the principle of administrative probity”.” A gift of this amount is not something that a public official should accept under any reason. Already the reception of a car by the authority, in my view, should be reprehensible by the Comptroller”, said director of Chile transparent, Alberto Precht.Pero in addition to this, and through an agreement with the same automotive, the municipality bought for more than $ 16 million truck double cab 4 × 4 to the Municipal drinking water and note Alcantarillado.La service also reported the delivery of more than 6 thousand tickets via lobby, from most of Sun Monticello.En law its Instagram, the Mayor It responded to the information, ensuring that you it’s “social responsibility of enterprises in our commune”.” WITHOUT WORDS… (I’m) tired of the insults, slanders, evil of this persecution that is dirty, ruthless and cruel. “I will continue with the same strength and motivation, working to deliver the best nuestr@s vecin@s that is the only reason why I’m here”, wrote. After this, Bradshaw said that “If politic@s and media who do not believe that there are decent people with principles and values, it is not my problem, if they tired of search, it is easier to invent”.

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