translated from Spanish: Child is beaten by his father to death

Northampton, England-a child of only two years old was allegedly beaten by his father, an alleged drug trafficker, to death.
According to local media, in December 2017, Raphael, of 31 years, would have forced his son Dylan to using cocaine, and then would have beaten brutally. Two hours later, Raphael requested an ambulance, which arrived moments later and attended two-year-old child, who was unconscious. The child was transferred to the hospital, where he died half an hour after his admission. The child autopsy revealed that he had multiple cuts on liver and had suffered internal bleeding; traces of fractures of ribs that had occurred weeks before the death of the small could also find. Peter Sidebotham, forensic toxicologist, said during the trial of Raphael that Dylan body had cocaine residue, by what they see as his father forced him to consume it before attacking him with blows. Two videos that were found on the phone of Raphael is also reproduced in the Court. One of them is of Dylan standing in a bedroom, where it seems be sleeping until you hear adult yells “wake up, boy”. The second video shows Dylan crying and walking behind his father, who tells him that walk as a military and follow the rhythm. However, police could not determine when are these recordings. While Tayla, 18-year-old mother of Dylan, told the jury that the child always she cried after staying at home of his father, and even “clung to her” when she left it there.
For his part, Raphael explained that barely two months before the death of the child he learned that he was their son, and complained of having to change her diaper. It should be noted that police seized hundreds of kilos of cannabis, crack and heroin, packaging of plastic, micro and a cellular telephone that allegedly trafficked drug in house of the father of the child. By the time the trial to determine the guilt of Raphael continue; He denies murdering Dylan.En this note: killing child beaten England father

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