translated from Spanish: Guillermo Francella: how was his debut as a Director with “Perfect unknown”?

in March, Guillermo Francella returned to Corrientes Street but this time not as an actor but rather as director and leading a cast headed by Carlos Portaluppi, Peto Menahen, Gonzalo Heredia, Agustina Cherri, Magela Zanotta and Mercedes Funes.Una idea in mind Francella knew from the first moment what was its goal: bring the theatre history of Paolo Genovese “Perfetti Sconosciuti”, the film which raised what would happen if a night everyone leave uncovered cell phones. He knew what were challenges. It is Memoriam for the third month of the year to reach the stage of the theatre Metropolitan Sura (Corrientes 1343), after adapting the Italian film, which also features the Spanish version directed by Álex de la Iglesia.

It took seven months for the premiere and his directorial debut. Today, “Unknown perfects” brought together more than 70,000 spectators and joined the cast to Raúl Taibo, in replacement of Alejandro Awada, due to a health problem. EDGE spoke to the director, who told us how to live the success of the work, how was the process of bringing the script of the movie theater, if you would be encouraged to make the game and much more.
“We are happy, proud of what we have been doing,” said Francella, who notes the rapid inclusion of Taibo, who went hard trials and was placed under the strict eye of its director. How did adapt and direct the work?
“It was the hardest thing. To make a film the director is protected by a flat detail of a hand, the of a face, an exterior, a leak but here (in the Theatre) had to do in 12-meter proscenium arch that same”recalls Francella.Una time he saw the film began to sprout in your mind the p uestions: ‘how summarize in an environment that in the film happens in different spaces?’, ‘what to do with the final’, among many more.

Francella has: “I thought many things. Me ajudou Jorge Ferrari (scenographer) and Eli Sirlin (enlightening). The scenery of pipes which carried out allows you to see inside the bathroom and balcony. This allowed me to have private places and divide the spaces through the lighting”. The end involved a dilemma. However, the director thought of a way to solve it. In practice would be if it was viable. 
“They passed me the end came to like them more than in the film. I am happy. I had this idea from the outset”prides” had another issue: the end of the work. ” In the film resolved outside but here he had the same chance. Then it occurred to me an idea that I plasmé it in a paper, someone transcribed it to me and then I tried it. I didn’t know if it could flow but I was very optimistic. Said and done”, adds. what felt to see the movie? 
Francella reflects on the subject: “is hard because you put into a spiral that is not out. It is fierce, is a medium wicked little game.

It makes you think. I like the advancement of technology, I believe that it is necessary and it has accomplished many things, but also things that they have conspired. It was subtracted: when private, intimate, connect us. 

This game starts to undress personalities, things that were hidden under the carpet begin to be clarified. Comes in a very delicate area and anxiety but there is laughter, allows you to think. It is very valuable.” About the Spanish version “for my taste is very obvious. Already when entering the friends you perceive that there is a relationship between the two. Appears the daughter, the sight with desire… “, argues Francella and adds: ‘Alex (Church) is a great but I didn’t’.” Director director during the week of the Italian cinema, Paolo Genovese, director of the original version of “Unknown perfects” visited the Argentina. The expectation was beating. The doubt was playing a dirty trick: what opinaría of the theatrical adaptation of Guillermo Francella.
“He asked me: ‘how did you do?’.” I told him ‘look’. I had a lot of anxiety to see what was happening. It came – have the video when you joined the camaring – and celebrated: ‘Bravo, bravísimo’. He loved”, remembers and smiles. That night they went to dinner. Genovese was amazed. In the words of Francella: “asked if the players were friends among themselves. I said: ‘ are not all friends, known but they are not friends ‘. It was hard work.”

Genovese and Francella | Photo: Instagram @p_desconocidos would it encourage Francella game proposed by the film?
“It doesn’t interest me. There are people who are exposed in such a way and then gets angry when they criticize her but why you met? “” but well, it is the language of them but you can also choose to not take it “, concluded.” Perfect strangers”. Teatro Metropolitan Sura (Av. Corrientes 1343). From Wednesday to Sunday. Tickets from $600.

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