translated from Spanish: Ignacia Allamand expressed support to Nicolás López and criticized Josefina Montané

the actress Ignacia Allamand, concerned in an interview with the magazine faces allegations of sexual abuse by a group of actresses against the cineas Ta Nicolás López, with whom a friendship and defended the silence which has been saved in this regard.
«Required in a violent and disrespectful manner to give a finished view of a situation which the complainants take 10 or 12 years to speak. And to condemn the abuse, many unwittingly fall into verbal abuse, insults. There must be respect for the right of the other of not wanting to make a public comment on a private situation»said Allamand.
About the accusations against Lopez, Allamand said that «one cannot be against or in favor of a situation that has two points of view and it has allowed us to know only one. Nicolas wants to give their version, but cannot speak for his defense and prosecution issues»and added that»abusive conduct will always be responsibility of the abuser, always! And I also believe that today more than ever we need to be very clear, give the right signals from the beginning to not expose ourselves to live painful situations. Seduction and conquest have a non-verbal language, so when something does not seem to us and us not accommodated, we should express it! This social reporting process is necessary and I think either an investigation.»
However the actress defended Lopez and said that «I also think that by antibodies generated by the personality of Nicolas and even his films, there is permission to say anything without anyone find out what are certain and which are not.» There is information in this article that is not true».
With respect to the complaint against Lopez for breach to a minor, Allamand said that «I think brutal, frightening that you would have done something like fourteen years ago. «Did not know him… What do I do?, do not speak you never more?» and added that «if it’s true, it would be difficult… It would have to be at the time… «.»
«What kind of friend would leave at this time to someone who has always been in the good and the bad with me? There is the criterion that anyone who is accused is left alone, they kick it on the ground and no longer able to work. I have commanded me thousands of cagadas and think that we are all entitled to evolve. This situation, I hope that the role of women come out strengthened and that Nicolas becomes a better person; because Yes, it is superb, aggressive. He was created and played with a public image of irreverent that isn’t at the height of these times»said.
Allamand, also aimed against some of the complainants and said that «accusing someone who somehow was already socially condemned and say nothing about another that has more history, it seems to me a brutal cynicism».
«I am talking about Pin Montané and also Lucy Cominetti. Josefina was Prosecutor relate output to eat with Nicolas, which might have been very inadequate, but which, in his words, he never touched it. However, there’s nothing to say about Herval Abreu, the director who discovered her, with whom he made several TV serials and today has two allegations of rape by actresses. It is rare! When you want to be part of a movement as which are today leading women, we must give ourselves whole, put the guts out! and not omit information»said Allamand.
«(Lopez) is waiting for the chance to defend themselves. I’m not even here, simply follow the case and this interview gives me terror because I know that some will I do shit! But critics fear not we paralyze to reflect,»he added.

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