translated from Spanish: Kel Calderón questioned his brother Hernan for content sharing in Instagram

the degree in law Rachel “Kel” Calderon spoke about the relationship with his family, especially with his father and his brother Hernan, who is somewhat detached. In an interview with the magazine Caras, the influencer recalled when his father went to the program “Vertigo”, where was interrogated by controversial publications of his son “Nano” in social networks, where they accused him of sexist.” They made him a trap and ended up recognizing that because my brother is a man… My dad expected to defend it the next day and did not, therefore he was angry: I cannot support something which I do not agree; It is at stake, my responsibility for the people who follow me, my credibility, and much you adore my dad, I can not be so inconsistent. Nor do I regret, although it makes me sad because we like to go out to eat and talk until three o’clock in the morning and we’ve lost that contact,”he said. His younger brother, Calderon said that “it is difficult but I love it”, recognizing that “sometimes I disagree with many things that makes, as the content that goes up to your Instagram. I think it is wrong, although it is in age do it.”” Touched me be rebel at 19 and I was also cake. I don’t mean to be so, but I think that sometimes you make a mistake. I love it, it has tremendous potential, it is very busquilla, and it manages it very well; weapon business I do not understand and then part of travel. It is super smart, but it is in a position very defensively, something which I also happened to me at the time. Now it reggaeton likes, wants to sing and is studying law,”he said. Kel said that Hernancito “looking your way, this roll as fast and furious, with the cars, the reggaeton…” As the women who appear in photos, understand that they agree to do so, are of age and are apparently happy with the result”. By her bond with her mother, Raquel Argandoña, the future lawyer acknowledged that it improved then that she would be living alone.

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