translated from Spanish: MEP is wrong and says that the PRI “it will support anyone who commits a crime” (Video)

home Mexico Congresswoman is wrong and says that the PRI “will support anyone who commits a crime” (Video) Mexico-a member of PRI’s the C well of Campeche, had a flaw that will be remembered for a long time, which is that the Congresswoman Maria Guadalupe Torres Arango, said during one of their shares in Tribune during the fifth ordinary session of the 63 legislature, that the Revolutionary Party Institutional (PRI), supports all those Comet a crime or diverted.

Torres Arango opened the fifth ordinary session in his capacity of President of the Board of Directors, everything was normal when Congressman Jose Luis Flores Pacheco reported alleged irregularities during the administration of José PRI Francisco López Ku in the municipality of Tenabo, to what the Deputy decided to reply.
Lupita Torres climbed to Tribune to respond, but did not go as expected. Instead of saying that irregularities will not be tolerated and that any suspicion should be investigated, he noted that “the PRI always will support” to those who delincan.
“Of course and of course, as institutional Revolutionary Party always we will support and will be in favour of anyone who commits a crime or a detour”.
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