translated from Spanish: Mobile application allows you to monitor in real time the pollution in Santiago

an application for measuring smog, call Airmob, launched the company Citysense that also will allow to share in real time the real state of the pollution in the different districts of the capital. In this way, santiaguinos will know the exact routes which air is cleaner for to make sport, bicycling or simply enjoy an environment less smoggy.
“We wanted to create this application so that users can actually know the State of pollution in Santiago, is a species of Waze, but smog which will be super beneficial for sportsmen who want to breathe cleaner air every time they train, to” moms who want their children to play in places with less pollution or, even, for those who suffer from heart or respiratory problems. Few know it, but the smog is dynamic and constantly changing minute by minute, from a street to another. From one block to the next, the quality of the air can be twice as bad. “That is where comes Airmob: to measure with an accuracy much more big, and in time real, street level pollution status”, said the founder and CEO of Citysense, Antonio García.
This application is powered by a network of intelligent monitors that will be distributed throughout the city. Today, there are 50 of them in several districts of the capital, and is expected in October with 350 of them covering all the great Santiago. For the next year is estimated to reach 1,000 monitors.
Airmob, will establish patterns and look at possible frequent points from where pollution. “Our goal is to make Santiago a city intelligent in terms of measuring pollution to get users back to enjoy it. We are a collaborative application which aims which we can live and enjoy a much more decontaminated city impacting the lives of millions of people,”said the founder.
How the application works
The Airmob application can be downloaded via Google Play or App Store and enter the user must create their account according to the profile that best represent you either child, pregnant, very active person, person with bad respiratory, among others. Afterwards, will be shown a map of the city which displays in real time the air condition through colors where the light blue represents low levels of pollution and the purple an extreme level.
Also, users can create their own routes by entering the name of the streets that want to travel to see the quality of the air.
Smog is a combination of smoke and fog that create toxic chemicals in the air that can be dangerous to inhale.
According to a recent study by the Max Planck Institute although smog is the sum of various gaseous and particulate pollutants, especially are two of them, the nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and ozone, which contribute most to this “unprecedented increase” in the number of people experiencing the typical allergic symptoms in the spring, such as sneezing, wheezing, breathing problems, reddened eyes, tearing, malaise.

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