translated from Spanish: Multiple shock on the highway Buenos Aires – La Plata: several injured and delays

it is believed that rain and low visibility were the cause of a multiple accident with tragic consequences in the highway Buenos Aires – La Plata, at the height of the kilomet ro 47 in City Bell. There, minutes before the seven, a car Suzuki Fun circulating clockwise to the provincial capital collided with a Mercedes Benz blue truck. The car traveled three young.

By the impact, the truck load spilled into the lane opposite to originating they hit other four vehicles that were toward the Federal Capital. The SAME staff attended six wounded, two of them seriously. They also moved to another person unconscious, who, according to medical staff recovered the knowledge.

Staff of the SAME in the workplace | Fotos:@nandotocho police and personnel of the concessionaire company still working in the place. They recommended move with caution, since it is estimated that for the dimension of the accident the transit will be delayed throughout the morning.


Original source in Spanish

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