translated from Spanish: Piñera: «many in Chile have lost respect for police, their parents and teachers, and that we will restore»

from Brussels, where is located in one of the last stations of his tour of Europe, President Sebastián Piñe RA, condemned the aggression that was revealed yesterday a place of FF.EE. police, during incidents produced in the boarding school national Barros Arana (INBA) in early October. Pinera said that «which were shaped so evil, brutal, cowardly are not students, are criminals disguised as students» and added that the police «does not deserve, nor will allow having such treatment».» Do think those criminals rather than promote a coexistence, dedicated only to destroy, to do violence to cause damage in what?»said the President, adding that»are we them to search, to bring to justice, so they are sentenced and comply with penalties they deserve? Pinera also reiterated that the Government will give urgency to secure classroom project that facilitates the expulsion of students involved in serious acts of violence and called on parliamentarians to distinguish that «one thing are the students, the community school, and the other» thing are criminals disguised as students who do not they trepidan or to anyone or anything, almost able to kill a police corporal, who sprayed with petrol to its teachers, throw petrol bombs and are willing to destroy their schools.» The President also said that the Executive will send a project making penalties more severe for those who threaten police. «Many have lost in Chile the respect by the police and that are going to restore, by their teachers and their parents, and that will reset,» he said.

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