translated from Spanish: Points of law of rents, fell the most sought-after narco, Vicuna and Pampita special day and much more…

1. New rental law: 4 key points is driven back a law of rents today the President announced a new impulse to the rent Act what Central changes? Continuing reading here… 2 fell «Morenita», the narco most searched was linked to municipal authorities of Itatí prey for drug trafficking was the leader of one of the three bands narco entered drug to the country. He had links with «Monkey» in Rosario. Continuing reading here… 3 «Batwoman»: what lead to television for the first time to a lesbian superheroine represent?

The character mark story | Photo: Twitter character will break in the middle of a universe filled with men. To understand his presence, Ridge spoke with one of the members of the General Secretariat of the FALGBT. Continuing reading here… 4. What is the national women’s meeting?

National meeting of women | Photo: NA is the planet’s largest feminist Summit and takes place every year in Argentina. EDGE spoke to one of its organizers who explained to us what is this great event and what is so important for the women in our country. Continuing reading here… 5. 5 tips to have your photos more «likes» on Instagram according to Anita Thomas all the secrets of the photographer and instagramer, Anita Thomas photographer social networking star spoke with cutting edge News and revealed all its secrets. Continuing reading here… 6 plain and Benjamín Vicuña greeted with tender postcards her son Benicio by his birthday dad and MOM with Benicio | Photo: Small Instagram celebrates another year of life and there are no excuses, her parents will not leave that your day goes unnoticed. Look! It continues reading here… 7 B-Boy Broly, the Rio Negro that broke it in Breaking and added a new Medal Broly, sensation in Buenos Aires 2018 sport star photo: Twitter @PrensaCOA dancer showed all his skills in the sport that captured the attention of fans and managed a great brand in the debut of the discipline at the Olympics. Continuing reading here… 8 Jamie Saud, protagonist of «Only love», told us details of the film and how it was to work with Franco Masini Foto: Julieta Horak October 25 premieres in all cinemas «Only love», starring by Yamila Saud and Franco Masini. «I have lot of anxiety and adrenaline,» the actress said. Read more on the note. Continuing reading here…

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