translated from Spanish: Santiago will host the week of climate and climate change

climate change is already underway. Under this premise, and in order to analyse the latest scientific studies showing the advance of global warming, and evaluate the adaptation and mitigation measures being implemented in Chile, will be held the second edition of the week in Santiago climate organized by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, under the slogan “Together against climate change”, event that will take place in the Auditorium of the telephone Tower.
The activity will feature more than 40 exhibitors and experts from Chile and the world, and will have as axes of discussion both actions for mitigation and adaptation to climate change and climate information. In addition, and in conjunction with representatives of civil society and experts and scholars on the subject, will analyse the risks and impacts to which Chile is subjected due to its high vulnerability to the effects of global warming. Although our country is a marginal emitter of Greenhouse Gases, has several criteria that make it vulnerable to the effects of this phenomenon, as the fact of having fragile ecosystems, desertification-prone areas, a large coastal area and problems of air pollution in several of its cities.
“Climate change is not only an academic or abstract term.” With natural disasters and droughts that we have only experienced this year, I think that we all already found out that it is time to act and implement changes. From the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, we want to contribute to inform, raise awareness and encourage to promote change. The battle against the consequences of climate change is a global struggle, and both Germany and Chile need allies in this fight,”explains the director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Chile, Andreas Klein.
power, mobility and the consequences of pollution and climate change for Chile
for many years, Germany has been a benchmark eco. Proclaimed leader in the transition to a green energy model, promoted a programme to encourage renewable energy. In addition, the Germans are leaders in consumption of ecological products.
Equally, the revolution in energy that Chile has had over the past years has been widely highlighted at international level. Therefore, knowing the State of advancement of the explosive boom of the renewable energies not conventional (NCRE), together with the commitment to move towards a decarbonisation of the energy matrix, Chile will be the topics that will be addressed during the seminar in matter of mitigation.
In terms of mobility, the Paris agreement concluded to combat climate change must be drastically reduce our emissions, and reach about 80% reduction to the year 2050. This single will be achieved if we move to a vehicle fleet that deal not fossil fuels and that use renewable energy. With this background, experts and scholars will discuss the efficiency of the current public transport and will realize innovative projects being undertaken in the area of electromobility.
Also, another theme that will be held in the week of the climate are those related to the contamination of plastics in oceans and cities, climate change and its consequences for Chile – and especially for the ecosystem of the Chilean Patagonia- as well as also the strategies of adaptation to water scarcity in the country. Along with this, they will be announced advances regulatory that exist in Chile in order to promote circular economy and recycling.
Chile is a country with unique natural conditions, which implies large benefits, but also major challenges for the country and its inhabitants. Energy, mobility and the consequences of climate change are of global importance, and for Chile, with their growing cities, coastal areas, Patagonia or the driest desert in the world, are key issues for development.
seminars specialized
with the aim of aligning certain national contributions (NDCs) plans and existing initiatives of municipal governments on climate change, will be the side event “NDCs:?” What they mean to the great cities of Latin America?“Similarly, realize opportunities for the financial, public and private sectors, the Seminar will take place” sustainable finance: a look from different angles “.” Sustainable finance are of great importance, given that they refer to the inclusion of environmental, social and governance in the long term, and at the same time investment decisions involve an important mobilization of the financing sustainable, low carbon and climate resilient economy.
Next to these parallel events will be the Chilean case in the field of renewable energy and technology Blockchain. Through working groups will identify arguments, concepts and variables that are considered fundamental in a company to be considered a Green Place to Work, and the seminar of “photovoltaic solar energy in Chile and opportunities of” business”gives us data and specific tools for the implementation of photovoltaic solar energy in Chile.
In addition to the above display the documentary “A Plastic Ocean” will be exhibited at Cine Arte Alameda day Thursday, October 18 at 7 p.m.; and the Green Expo, which this year will feature more than 15 companies that displayed their innovations in the field of sustainability.
Lectures, panel discussions, and specialized seminars are free upon registration. For more information and details of the program and the exhibitors of the event please visit the website

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