translated from Spanish: Sol Perez reacted strongly against the sayings of Jorge Lanata and Marcelo Longobardi

Sun Perez was downloaded through social networks and on the radio program in which he works, Show Attack, once Jorge Lanata and Marcelo Longobardi is referred h «acia his person as a»Bum».» If you have to fill out a procedure or a certificate of good conduct, would put what profession? «, asked Longobardi, to which Lanata unhesitatingly replied»ass», when they made the pass of their programmes on Radio Mitre.
«The Lord (Longobardi) I don’t know, wanted to be funny.» You are getting from Lanata, you saw that sometimes the influences are not doing well,»began saying Sun when fellow on the radio you asked about what happened, because the young man had answered them previously on Twitter.

And continued: «do that you are interested in also? I’ll put what I do when put, artist, because I work in the artistic media. I’m not doing the ass ride, nor come to radio in ass, nor will I Polino, the specialists of the Show, program and put on 4 to discuss the news of the dancing. «And so I show her ass in all the programs I’m not an ass», said blunt.
«It is the same people who then asks: what did since when they raped her?»

«Even angered me, it seems ignorant. What he says reflects very well that it is ignorant in the subject at least», he said. Although well Longobardi said that at no time spoke about it with bad intention, the former climate chicla shared another tweet which said that the driver of every morning is trying to «justify the unjustifiable».

Sol Pérez Jorge Lanata and Marcelo Longobardi

Original source in Spanish

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