translated from Spanish: » The poor don’t eat gasoline, eaten tortilla», says the Secretary of economy

photograph / Internet City of Mexico.-to defend the Senate of current Government actions aimed at the protection of the poor and aiming to highlight minor increases prices in relation to previous six, Ildefonso Guajardo, Secretary of economy, he said «the poor do not eat gasoline, eaten tortilla»
«Here must be measured, the poor don’t eat gasoline, they eat tortillas, chicken, milk, egg, » said Guajardo to reply the comments from some lawmakers.

According to the official, in the Presidency of Felipe Calderón, chicken up 58%; in the current, has risen 19.9%. The tortilla with the previous Government, according to INEGI, climbed 66% and penalty only 17% (…) the egg doubled its price in the previous administration, and we will deliver it at the same level in which we received it after six years, the official argued.
«It is not my style to do this but sometimes it is necessary, due to the tone of the participations. Let me tell you about protecting the poor and using the tools of competition and openness of imports to be able to generate this competition», said,» is not my style contrast confront six, all must assume our responsibility as » public officials», said Guajardo.
Senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza said that Mexico is a rich country with poor people and questioned Guajardo: «Why Mexicans have products from all over the world if you can’t buy them?».
Po its part, legislator of the meeting Social Party (PES), Katya Avila, asked what are the achievements that you would like to remember the poor people of the country and what was its recommendation for those who had no access to the basket with his earnings.
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