translated from Spanish: The poor don’t eat gasoline: Guajardo

the Secretary of economy, Ildefonso Guajardo Villarreal, defended the economic policy of President Enrique Peña Nieto and criticism of Senators of the opposition, mostly pan, presented figures on the increases in the prices of commodities in the six previous years and in the current.
«The poor don’t eat gasoline. They eat tortillas, chicken, milk, egg,», said the official to appear before the plenary of the Senate of the Republic and signs of increases to gasoline in the next six years.
«Is not my style confronting or check six, but by the tone of the shares», said Guajardo, who added that in 2010, when he was not President Enrique Peña Nieto, the country was the worst place in competitiveness at the international level, to be located in the place 66. «we will be delivering it instead 51. Hence there are only 15 places», he said.
Lee: Penalty assumes responsibility for the gasolinazo; It was a very difficult decision, he says «We are accused of having impact on poverty», added and highlighted the value of the minimum wage, which in the current federal administration rallied 16.8%, while in the former, Felipe Calderón, only 1.3%.
He said that in the administration of Calderon chicken rose 58% and so far of the presidential term only has risen 19.9%. The tortilla came up 66.2% and in this six-year period of 17%.
«And so we can follow it, as with the case of the egg, which we are delivering it at the same level of prices that we receive it.» Anyway, here you should measure. The poor don’t eat gasoline, eat tortillas, chicken, milk, egg,»responded almost at the end of his speech.
According to Guajardo Villarreal, create a company in 2010 took over 12 days and currently only four; in terms of inflation so far is four percent and in the previous six years was 4.35.
The federal official emphasized that after many years is in the country a positive growth quarter after quarter and growth in the next six years will be 2.4% compared to the previous administration, which was 1.7 percent.

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