translated from Spanish: The reason why Yuri apologizes to Ricardo Arjona

the singer Yuri used social networks to apologize to his colleague the also interpret Ricardo Arjona, and it decided to interpret the theme behind my window, together with conductors d (e) today.
Turns out that the jarocha attended as guest morning program where participated in several of its activities, but when Natalia Téllez and the donkey Van Rankin, decided to sing one of his hits anything was not well, doing something comical theme.
I want to offer my sincere apologies to the Sr @Ricardo_Arjona by this bad taste that we are passing you to publicly display this version of their song.
“” It is good the apologies, the worst version I heard eh, jajajajaja, and that if that is a rolotaaaa “.” Jajajajaja if you need to apologize jajajaja”.” A great song by Ricardo, emblematic of disaffection that face and (face them some), in partner relationships. “That nobody, nobody ever, the interpreted better than Yuri”.

It is worth mentioning that the singer will debut in the play, Cats the musical where will play Grizabella protagonist of the famous put in scene which is a classic. 
In this note: penalty Yuri Ricardo Arjona Canción

Original source in Spanish

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