translated from Spanish: «Very obvious», Cristina response to the request for his arrest

the Senator Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner returned to use their social networks. This time he did so in response to a letter that filed the Federal House Prosecutor German Moldes which called for the «immediate arrest» of former President.

«Very obvious. Feels too», wrote Cristina.

Once we stopped the accessions of 24 gas fees by the devaluation, they respond asking for my arrest. Very obvious. It shows too much. – Cristina Kirchner (@CFKArgentina) October 11, 2018 can go dam?

So that becomes a reality the arrest of the former President, asked the federal judge Claudio Bonadio and now endorsed molds, the Senate must approve his impeachment. The Bill of Fueros, that stable regime of immunities for legislators was promulgated in the year 2000, after the scandal by bribes during the treatment of a labor reform promoted by the Government of Fernando De la Rúa.En articles 69 and 70 provides that the deputies and Senators «may not be arrested, except in cases of being caught red-handed» and who will be suspended from their duties with the approval of the «two-thirds» of the camera. On the situation of Cristina Fernández, change already said that if the Federal Chamber confirms his prosecution, he will vote for the impeachment. But the justicialist Senator, Miguel Angel Pichetto, said several times that «we must wait for a final judgment».
Thus, the ruling bloc, which has 25 seats not can reach 48 Senators needed to endorse the request for impeachment CRISTINA FERNÁNDEZ DE KIRCHNER MOL with two thirds DES BONADIO NOTEBOOKS OF BRIBES

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