translated from Spanish: Yamila Saud, protagonist of “Only love”, told us details of the film and how it was to work with Franco Masini

Yamila Saud since he was born felt love for acting, so she said laughingly in exclusive dialogue with came up for the first time to the stage at 8 years of age, and most recently was recognized for starring in “Hypersomnia”, paper by which was awarded a prize at the Film Festival of horror and fantasy of Lima (Peru).
27-year-old is defined as a woman happy, outgoing and loving is now next to present a new film which starred in together to Franco Masini, “Only love”. 

Photo: Instagram “the movie tells the story of two boys, Noah and Emma. They are from different worlds: Noah follows her dreams, is a musician, has a band, and Emma put aside their dreams of paint to follow the mandate of the family. He studied law to follow his father, although all that transforms when they run up, literally”, summarizes Yamila telling us the history which is reflected in the film.
“Emma loves painting, but was suppressed and left that passion to be a lawyer like his father. It is cheerful, sweet and highly structured”and he added:”what more highlight of this film is how shows that it should follow the dreams and do that which we feel with so much passion. Without neglecting the links are usually changed us constantly, both family, friends, as couples”.

Noah sings Emma | Photo: Instagram “It was a beautiful experience to work with Franco Masini” while the film is your preference in the art world, debuts in November with Walter Bruno “Streaming”, in Microteatro. A play directed by Ezequiel Tronconi, whose authors are Lucas Ardanza and Adrian Royffer.

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