translated from Spanish: Deputy Saffirio and resignation of white to the CDE: now comes «the stage of victimization»

the resignation of the former Minister of Justice of Michelle Bachelet, Jav White Iera to the Defense Council of the State continues to speak. One of the last added was the independent Deputy René Saffirio, who was that accused her constitutionally the year 2016.
Saffirio, renouncement of white was reasonable: «she should never have taken CDE, because there were questions with respect to the management of resources, both in the gendarmerie, the date that is already designated as in police and the national service for minors by the» program NASCAR», told the daily El Mercurio.
«The role of the Council to be the protect the interests of the State Treasury at trial, could not be she in the same body that had to defend the interests of the State Treasury on the one hand and being accused of fraud to the Treasury on the other», added.
«Then, the least that one would have hoped is that it had never taken. Now, if he made the decision to take and then realizes that he cannot exercise the function, in fact it makes two months that it can not comply with it by that same incompatibility, it is quite reasonable that it has waived», he emphasized.
On the defence that white made its run, Saffirio indicates that «what is published today is not more than the most faithful expression of a communication process very designed strategically by Imaginaccion, who are his advisers, to move to the next stage which is book «: The stage of victimization».

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