translated from Spanish: Kathy Salosny after his arrest: «This is a lesson for me»

Katherine Salosny cheerleader acknowledged that after drunk driving arrest was a «lesson» for her, especially for the example that should give the faces to the society. «The driver of the late»No Culpes a la Noche»delivered his first statements about the incident a»very good day».» This is a lesson for me. One public figure has a dual responsibility. That this serves as an example for so many», he said. Also public apologized «to those family members of victims of traffic accidents, because one as Communicator feels that it has an educator role». The professional said that «never in my career, having gone through tough situations, he had never gone me this. This is my first time and will be the last. I also learn from my mistakes». Salosny made a mea culpa, saying that «I am fully aware of the mistake that I made. It is a crime. There is a law which makes it very well. «Transgress this law are the consequences that I am experiencing at this time». Cheerleader said they felt supported by channel, by his colleagues and friends, but «there is an anxiety, a penalty. I still do not dimensiono it. There are emotional grief. «You have to follow the process and assume the costs means and consequences also». Salosny was released but evaluating justice must be presented to determine its location. Today is also absent his night, being replaced by the journalist Ignacio Gutiérrez space.

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