translated from Spanish: They prepared indictment of the State of the Army Chief for fraud

almost exactly a month ago Romy Rutherford, Minister on visit in the case of fraud in the army, took the Declaration, as a defendant, the General John Griffiths, Chief of the army staff. According to reported by La Tercera, within the consultations Griffiths judge challenged by returns of money they would have earned by travel agencies, this after multiple outlets in the country that the officer would have made by committees of services from 2009 until, at least, by the year 2015. In that line, and four weeks of the meeting between Rutherford and Griffiths, the judge would be in a position to prosecute the head of the State of the army, who notified on the matter during the first days of next week. More complex fees that could be charged to Griffiths is the figure of fraud to the Treasury. According to the capture by the investigation of the case general Griffiths, along with more than 100 officers, would have altered the routes of its service overseas commissions, and at the same time agreed with different travel agencies to make routes more cheap, thereby generating a delta of money, which was deposited in their bank accounts, which according to research constiruiria a fraud to the Treasury since they would be taking over of fiscal resources. In regards to the army already they would be aware of all the flats of this situation. On the other hand the Government also will handle this information, and would be monitoring the case since it was known that they could be more than a thousand officers involved in the alleged fraud. In that line the Ministry of defence and the Ministry of the Interior are closely reviewing the case through the efforts of a particular lawyer.

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