translated from Spanish: A kangaroo injures three people in Australia

Australia-Linda Smith, 64-year-old was wounded in the lung, ribs and had to be operated on Sunday, the day after the attack by a kangaroo occurred on his property in the region of Sar Ling Downs, in the State of Queensland (northeast).

She and her husband, Jim, fed each night to over thirty kangaroos and Wallabies on their property. These wild animals suffer food shortage due to the drought affecting the country.

A male 1.80 meters tall Kangaroo attacked her husband when he was eating, told the woman to the Queensland ambulance service.
Jim was on the ground and the Kangaroo continued to beat him. I went out to try to help you by taking a broom but Kangaroo managed to snatch me a broom and attacked me, the woman said.

40-year-old son “came to the rescue hitting the Kangaroo on the head with a shovel”. The animal fled immediately afterwards, said the ambulance service, which pointed out that this type of attack was “unusual”.


The woman acknowledged that he knew the risk and explained that the kangaroos could be aggressive during mating season. In Australia there are 46 million kangaroos, according to a government estimate made last year. In this note:

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