translated from Spanish: Atala Sarmiento, do your friends call ‘malagradecida’?

atala Sarmiento, who is now host of the television program «Intruders», next to Aurora Valle and Pepillo Origel, Martha Figueroa, shares with sadness that their friends assumptions now branded it «malagradecida» or «diva».
Through his column in El Heraldo de Mexico, Atala Sarmiento writes in reference to his new professional career, which is framed by its participation in «Intruders», production of Televisa.La Mexican journalist titled his column «Starting again», and in She writes that throughout his life he has been forced to start again many times, personally and professionally, and to start always has been rewarded.
It draws attention to a statement in reference to his former colleagues, who said his «friends», and tells them that now refer to her co unfair qualifiers such as «malagradecida» or «diva». And it hurts much as well relating to it. Atala makes clear, that after having been working for 23 years at Television Azteca, nobody is in debt with her, and neither owes nothing to no one. The scene, for her, «is in Holy peace.»
You atala, in its letter to the same article «Volver a empezar», also points out that during his tenure with Television Azteca lived many things good, but also bad, and it never will speak, because it is not his style. For Atala, «starting again», always has valid and worth.

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