translated from Spanish: Bolivia will run alternatives to Chilean ports with projects on the coasts of Peru

Evo Morales visited Saturday the Peruvian port of Ilo, where he was accompanied by different government authorities, in order to begin to analyze different alternatives for trade in other ports that are not Chilean. All this, after the ruling in the Hague, which marked a defeat for the President. In addition, with a visit to Peru, Morales, established points that will begin to empower his country, as it is the creation of a «Megaport» project. In this sense, as he explained to El Mercurio, the Manager of the Bolivian Institute of foreign commerce (IBCE), Gary Rodríguez, the idea is to be the main place for the High Plains country to carry out their business. Therefore, he added that the implementation of a bi-oceanic train, that was present from Brazil to Peru is also expected. the continent from Brazil to Peru. All this according to Rodriguez, to «reduce the vulnerability of Bolivia to Chilean ports».» We raised the need for alternatives to the Chilean ports, so that trade may have more outlets and not be so dependent and vulnerable when there are problems in Chilean ports», he concluded.

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