translated from Spanish: Carrio salient phrases: it will ask for the impeachment of Garavano and gave him an ultimatum to Macri

national Deputy Elisa Carrió was without doubt one of the personalities of the week: with their statements, “jokes” and accusations, kept the poly field Tico (and football) in suspense. Saturday 13 at night, the co-founder of change attended the program of Mirtha Legrand broadcast by Canal 13 and these are some of their most noteworthy quotes: “I lost confidence in the President with regards to the fight against corruption. I’d like it very much to the President, I’d like it more than I should”.

“To my politics is not going to change, I’m Lilita, gonna die Lilita, I say what is true, I am responsible for the consequences of my actions.” That is why I said, don’t worry, won’t break change. You’ll see that I’m saving change, because but change Yes it could sink. I am complying with the electorate”.

I’m tired of the disqualifications. If it were not for the daily Eucharist already would have killed me. #LaNocheDeML – Elisa Carrio Lilita (@elisacarrio) October 14, 2018 Garavano impeachment “tried to get off (tone on the subject of the trial of the politician) because it was so important that the President was going to announce in terms of credits, UVA, lives NDA, which I wanted to distendar, but on Monday I present it (the request for impeachment). What I write and signed, do it. Garavano is an excuse, there is a problem of cover-up”.
Ultimatum to Macri “the President has to decide: they rule us soccer mafias, governs us independent justice, or it needs to do.” It can’t be well with Angelici and me at the same time, and this I knew it before the agreement. Not you can be OK with the football mafia, negotiate with her, hide energy businesses, and at the same time be with me and that Mauritius knew it.”
Transitional divorce “need to know that Mario Negri and I no we can learn by the diaries of what they do.” Because it is a lack of respect. You must set new rules, it is a transitional divorce. But necessary.”

Impeachment ultimatum mafia football joke


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