translated from Spanish: Fans detected error in the Monica Geller in Friends Wedding dresses

photography / WEB United States.-when Monica Geller and Chandler Bing characters in the series Friends pledged, the people were so excited by the chapter that few noticed the errors that occurred during the preparations for the wedding.
In one of the chapters is observed as Monica, Rachel and Phoebe were visiting a clothing store of designer, where the wedding proved is the dress of their dreams, before heading to the store discounts Kleinman the next day to find a cheaper replica.

But things did not go well for the girls, or the editors of the program is that the Group queues in the early hours to enter the shop of offers and then fight a horde of desperate brides to find the dress of Monica. And they eventually find him, only to what something is not quite right.
The dress that the character of Courteney Cox bought clearly is not the dress that was tested earlier in the episode, as recently pointed out the user of Reddit DJreddit91.

Fans even wrote: «Monica found her dream dress in an expensive wedding Hall and plans to find it on sale with discount in Brooklyn later. We see her looking and then exclaiming have found the dress… but it’s a completely different dress!
«It has sleeves with cover and a different BRA, the original is a halter neckline. We then see her try on the dress and it is back in the original…

And when you look back at the photos of the show, the difference between the two dresses is amazing.
But for when the episode of the wedding really tour, fans of friends observed how Monica is married with none of the dresses. So the favorite band of Chandler is present at the wedding, she must change the dress with a bridez and therefore be forced to buy another.

Source: The Mirror

Original source in Spanish

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