translated from Spanish: «I’m fine MOM, don’t cry»; dam and son with cancer

Bolivia-reunite a mother makes the unthinkable to see his son out of danger, as Claudia, who was arrested for trafficking drugs in Argentina. Does cause it? 13-year-old son had cancer and had to finance her costly treatments. After a year of not seeing it, he received the benefit of the release, returned to Bolivia, had an emotional reunion, and will remain with him for 30 days.

The female entered prison in October 2017, after having been discovered trying to pass two suitcases with little more than one kilo of cocaine to Buenos Aires. There would be $500 for such work. When she was interviewed by the police, the mother confessed that he did it to pay for chemotherapy for her son, who now remains in intensive care. The Consulate of Bolivia in Salta reported that you made the efforts the Court Federal N ° 2 de Jujuy, where Claudia S.E record, is so she can leave the country with this special permission. Finally he returned to the country with their month-old baby, born while he was serving the sentence and was found with her son.» According to strict and basic reasons of a humanitarian nature, by virtue of the delicate state of health of the son of the deceased, is so extraordinary and exceptional authorised to temporarily leave the country and move to Santa Cruz de la Sierra to effects see her son and accompany you and assist you,»wrote the federal judge of Jujuy, Ernesto Hansen, output resolution.

I’m fine MOM, don’t you cry, told the child to her mother, whom she had not seen for a year at the time of his poignant encounter.

«I’m going to be with my son and help you, and you can see his little sister. I am happy and grateful to all those who helped me,»he said. After 30 days, Claudia must return to General Güemes prison.
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