translated from Spanish: «I’m not homophobic»: Bolsonaro friend of homosexuals in search of votes

shows the ultra-right Jair Bolsonaro, recognized by its manifestations Susana OBAs, it took a turn in its communication strategy for the second round of the presidential campaign in Brazil and today began to show as a friend candidate of the homosexual population.
As usual, the ultra-right used social networks to report this Sunday a video in which it appears accompanied by Lili Ferraz, a Brazilian gay make-up artist, recognized in the middle of show business.
At the beginning of the video, the former captain of the army, known for its manifestations sexist, homophobic and racist, wears a smile that seems forced as the makeup artist greets him and praises him in effusive way at the beginning of the recording.
«I have the pleasure of meeting here in Rio this cute figure which is Bolsonaro, far from what you talk about, is a wonderful person, thinks as I do». «Sends a hug to my family and my gay friends have no fear and that they worship you also, friends who like you are very rare,» said Ferraz in the video released from the portal of the ultra-right in Twitter.
In response to the praise of the makeup artist, Bolsonaro, a more relaxed attitude, said in the video that all human beings are equal and defended the genre option for everyone.
«All of us in Brazil, we are human beings, we are Brazilians, Patriots and compliance duties, and (gender) option of each interested in each, the State has to intervene in this area», said the right-wing candidate.
At the end of the video, Bolsonaro thanked the support and confidence of the makeup artist and said goodbye with a warm message.
«I send you a hug your family, your friends, your clients and we go together to change the destiny of Brazil.»
Bolsonaro leads the polls for the presidential run-off with 58 percent, followed by the Socialist Fernado Haddad, candidate of the party of the workers (PT), which has 43 percent of support.

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