translated from Spanish: Inflation: expected a rise of between 5% and 7%

A waiting for the spread of inflation for the month of September by the National Institute of statistics and census of the Republic Argentina (INDEC) on Wednesday, October 17, the consultant private s launched its own projections. The Outlook is not very encouraging: the figures range between 5.5 percent and 7 percent. Eco Go: expected inflation of 5.5 percent with strong gains in the areas of food, communications, transportation and household items. Annual inflation reached 39.2% Ecolatina: estimated 6% monthly inflation and projected an annual econometric 40%: argues that inflation would reach 6.5% in the ninth month of the year and that its annual accumulation treparía 45% Orlando Ferreres: assumes an increase of between 5.6% and 6% as a result of the pressure for the category of fuels and transport Elypsis: assesses a rise close to 7% Statistical Institute of the workers (EIT): projected a monthly increase of 6.7% and another 45% annual progress and freedom Foundation: located the rise d and prices about 7%, with a total for this year’s 46% C & T advisors: calculates the lowest projection for September 4% studies Scalabrini Ortiz Center (CESO): an increase of 7.7% in September and a 45% annual beats market expectations survey (REM) d Central Bank: inflation in September would be around 5.9% and build up 44% in 2018 inflation indec Wednesday

September 5% 7%

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