translated from Spanish: Kill comes in the Cologne Professor Jesús Romero Flores of Morelia, Michoacán

home security comes in the Cologne Professor Jesús Romero Flores of Morelia, Michoacan Morelia, Michoacan.-Baleado is killed and dead lay a h ombre in the thoroughfare of the Cologne Professor Jesús Romero Flores, located in the northern part of the Michoacán capital, place where subsequently constituted the elements of the Special Unit at the scene of the crime (UEEC), who began the investigations of the case.
In the coverage of the news was known that during the first few minutes of Sunday neighbors heard detonations of firearm and the lean were pulled and still an individual, they then alerted to the emergency 911 number.
The aforementioned person was over a sidewalk from the street Gregorio Torres Quintero, between roads circuit Mexican educators and teacher Graciano Sánchez.
On the site some paramedics arose from the Red Cross and reviewed the subject, but this had no vital signs. The area was cordoned off by the municipal police and arrived after the members of the UEEC, who looked for tracks.
It transpired that to the deceased was found him a caliber pistol.32 mm, in addition to a credential with the name of Juan Carlos, about 32 years old, apparently based in the colonia Valle Real.
Experts of the UEEC, after concluding with the investigations and collecting evidence, moved the corpse to the facilities of the forensic medical service for the necropsy of law practice.

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