translated from Spanish: Morena will present gender parity initiative on Judicial power

the party brunette will present an initiative of comprehensive reform to the law organic of the power Judicial from the Federation, “to promote a true gender parity in their bodies in the Senate Collegiate”, said Ricardo Monreal, Coordinator of the morenistas senators.
Among other things, he said Monreal, the initiative will seek to ensure the alternation of gender in the Presidency of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJN), and “the joint integration of gender in the formation of the collegiate circuit courts”.
Said the Senator, in the Supreme Court of Justice of the nation (SCJN) there are two Ministers of 11 that make up the House.
“In the Council of the Federal judiciary, seven members only are two counselors; and in the upper room of the Electoral Court, there are also two magistrates of seven that make up the full”.
Against that background, said Monreal, it is necessary to ensure that specific calls, to make women judges and magistrates.
According to the national census of delivery of Federal Justice, the 2018 Edition, “at the end of the year 2017, within the Federal judiciary there are thousand 429 judges and magistrates, of whom only 289 are women, i.e. 20.22 percent”, continued.
Gender equality, said, it is in Mexico a human right contained implicitly in paragraph first of the article 1 of the Constitution.
In the case of the Congress, stressed, in this legislature 48.2 per cent of those who make up the Chamber of deputies are women, and 51 percent are senators in the upper House.
In the judiciary, mentioned, it must advance also to close the gender gap.

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