translated from Spanish: Are 2 thousand stickers of impregnated with drugs

Mexico drawings-Federal Police found an envelope from Colombia which in its interior contained two thousand stickers from children’s cartoons, which were impregnated with a possible drug synthetic co nocida as «LSD». The discovery was made when elements of the Corporation carried out an inspection to courier companies in the international airport of Mexico, and noticed a very strange correspondence, which led them to carry out an investigation in greater depth of your content.

#AICM. During an inspection to courier companies, Federal Police detected in an envelope coming from Colombia with 2 thousand stickers from cartoon impregnated with possible synthetic drug known as «LSD». It reports to the 088!— police Federal Mx (@PoliciaFedMx) 14 October 2018 dependence to alert parents to drug ‘LSD’ can be placed on the stickers or decals, where children and young people can have access to t raves of images printed or silk-screened on a sheet of vinyl or paper, which is provided with a thin layer of adhesive on the back.
When «LSD» is on paper, it is consumed to sucking it or swallowing it, thus also comes as a capsule or liquid which also swallowed. What about «LSD»? It is a semisynthetic psychedelic drug that is obtained from the ergoline and the triptaminas family and that produces psychological effects, hallucinations with eyes open and closed, synaesthesia, distorted perception of time and dissolution of the ego, the alteration of perception, consciousness and feelings, as well as feeling or feelings or images that the consumer may seem real but are not displayed. The Federal police asked to report if they have knowledge of the existence of calcolanias with the features listed above, and in the case is positive report it to the 088 number.
In this note: airport of the CDMX police Federal Mexico Colombia Stickers drawings animated synthetic drug LSD

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