translated from Spanish: Earn up to 13 thousand dollars by imitate Kim Jong – an Kim Jong

– a has occupied a lot of headlines in 2018, either by threatening the destruction of nuclear, by verbally confronted with Donald Trump or sign peace agreements.
But whenever he stars in the news, two people who have nothing to do with the benefit and are prepared to make their phones begin to ring.
Howard X, a political comedian who lives in Hong Kong, and Minyong Kim, based in Seoul (South Korea) and who uses the professional name of Dragon Kim, are the only members of what they call the Union of imitators of Kim Jong – un, the leader of North Korea.

Getty ImagesHoward X visited Singapore when it was announced the visit of the North Korean leader to meet with the President of USA, Donald Trump.Durante the past six years, the duo has been taking advantage of their strange similarity with the North Korean leader: earn up to $ 13,000 per day, say, for work ranging from starring in video games or opening shopping centers to entertain guests in billionaires birthday parties.
«Whenever Kim Jong – an someone old and frail does something, like firing a missile or call Trump ‘dotard’ – in English, physically-, my phone gets me a job», says Howard. «It’s always last minute, sometimes with 24 hours in advance. You can try almost anything».
Minyong is in talks with the food chain Kentucky Fried Chicken for the recording of a new commercial, while Howard was engaged to appear at an event in Macau along with imitators of Trump and the Russian President, Vladimir Putin.
When Kim Jong – an came to power in December 2011, Minyong was still in military service in South Korea.
«It was very stressful,» he recalls. «Whenever Kim Jong – an he did or said something, my superiors and subordinates came to me and told me: ‘everything is for you, you look like it'».
Upon completion of military service, persuaded a local Barber to make him the characteristic of Kim Jong haircut – a for the Halloween party.
«Literally thousands of people took me pictures and the next day I ended up in television», says. «In a month, several companies wanted to film trade with me.»
Facebook Minyong Kim «the owners of the bars always give me food and free drinks», Minyong Kim.Howard has a similar history of the overnight fame. When it published photos of himself as Kim on Facebook one day of the innocents, the images went viral and propelled his career, but then had a great struggle to achieve a good haircut.
«At the beginning it was difficult, because it is extremely difficult to find a picture of the back of his head. But I did my research, I printed a lot of photos, I took them to where a Hairdresser local and, after a bit of experimentation, perfected appearance. It is now my regular stylist», he says.
Two different imitators two imitators have very different approaches in their work. Minyong is a master of accents and has perfected the precise dialect and vocal manners of Kim Jong – a to represent you in the most realistic manner possible.
Howard, who grew up in Australia and do not speak Korean, is without a doubt a provocateur. «There is no bottom for me. «I can say the most outrageous, politically incorrect, and it’s funny because it comes from the character of Kim Jong – an».
Getty Images ‘ how dare you do this?'», shouted the North Koreans to Howard X during its personification in the Olympics of winter in 2018.En Olympic Winter Games that were held this year in Pyeongchang, Korea South, Howard infuriated to the delegation of Korea from the North to the arising in different places. «Later, a translator told me they were shouting: ‘How dare you do this?'».
Minyong also has faced criticism from the aid workers from South Korea trying to help North Korean refugees who have fled their country. «They’re worried that by doing this, people may develop a more positive image of Kim Jong – an», says.
Getty ImagesEl true Kim Jong – a photograph of September 2017.Durante a trip to New York, Minyong was nearly assaulted by a member of the public who tried to punch him, believing that he was in fact the leader of North Korea.
«One day, I discovered that my personal email account was hacked,» he recalls. «And my password is quite complicated, and I never changed it. I checked the IP address where it was connected for the last time, and was somewhere in China. «You I reported to the National Intelligence Agency and they told me that they were spies from North Korea».
Minyong said that he considered stop imitating the North Korean leader at the request of his family and friends.
In 2014, South Korean television reported that North Korea had warned that anyone who would go through Kim Jong – a would be punished. But Minyong discovered that it could not give him back the money and the attention of the media.
Facebook Minyong KimMinyong Kim has been hacked and even, this work brings him problems with his girlfriend.» «I realized that if I do this, and I am opposed to the policies of Kim Jong – an and I say bad things about him, possibly kill me or hijacking», says.
Howard, on the other hand, is quite optimistic with respect to any potential threat. «The kick would be too much for them.» «I am really disappointed that Minyong has been hacked and I don’t, because I have done much more than him, in terms of insulting the leader».
In fact, Howard is more concerned about the fact that Minyong has often been willing to work for much cheaper rates, which reduces their potential earnings. Minyong is also sometimes disguised Kim Jong – a to go out in the night in Seoul, even when they do not pay you.
«When I go to the Center, usually I seen as Kim Jong – un, because I am so popular that I even have to bring my wallet», says Minyong. «Bars owners always give me free drinks and food, people buy me food and drink, and I get tickets and free drinks on all the famous clubs.»
«I dress as Kim Jong – an every day, but my girlfriend hates the hairstyle», admits Minyong.
«Complaining whenever I get a new haircut. He also hates that, when I go to bars and clubs, girls want to take pictures with me, and sometimes try to hug me and kiss me. We started out before all this, and she tells me that if I had known that I was going to have this job, I would have never left me.»

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